Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Baby Thomas at Six Months

To my baby boy,

And just like that... you are half way to one! This stage you are in has been so much fun. Your little personality brings me so much joy and watching you discover the world is truly incredible. 

I thought you had us on our toes last month but you keep out-doing yourself every month and becoming more and more active. You are already so mobile and i know this is just the beginning! You love to explore and have upgraded from army crawling to the real deal for a few weeks now. There is no stopping you now! 

At six months, you now weight 18.2 lbs and you are 27.5 inches long. You are outgrowing most of your clothes all of a sudden. You have also moved on to size 3 diapers. I am so happy to see you grow and get stronger as the weeks pass but also wish you would slow down. 

You have your first little tooth and although you did put your teething toys to work, you've shown no signs of fussiness and for that I am so thankful. You have also officially started on solids and I love watching you analyze the food I put in front of you. You are still getting the hang of meal time but I am enjoying the process. 

At just six months old, you are finding your own voice and it's the cutest thing ever. I clearly know when you are up in the morning because the first thing you do when you wake up is squeal and chit chat. My favorite is when you "talk" to your toys or when you "read along" with me. 

You experienced your first fireworks show and I think it's safe to say that you loved it. Your eyes literally lit up as you watched the sky. Little Tommy, you have made summertime sweeter than ever! I still wonder what I did to deserve you and will forever be grateful to be your mother. 


Monday, June 24, 2019

Baby Thomas at Five Months

To my baby boy,

Just when I thought life couldn't get better, you turn five moths old. I know this is just the beginning but you sure have keept us on our toes already. You are full of energy and it's been so fun watching you explore and learn. 

At five months, you did not have a required doctor's visit so I'm going to guess that you are around 16 lbs and 27-28 inches long. I might be completely off since you seem to be going through a crazy growth spurt and all of your pants are suddenly way too short. 

You started army crawling and it's the funniest thing to watch. You are so determined to get to your toys and will drag your little body so quickly untill you get to where you want to be. You also take small breaks if needed by sitting down. Sitting in the corner of your crib has become your new favorite. 

At just five months, you are pretty much best friends with your pups (well Elaine to be exact). You love to pet her and have her around all the time. She also loves to be around you and has become such a protector. Your face lights up every time you see them. 

Another current obsession of yours is your walker. I was hesitant to put you in it because I didn't think you were ready, but boy was I wrong! You have so much fun in it and go crazy pressing all the buttons. I've also noticed you have this fake "cough" you do when you want attention, it's pretty funny. 

You can sit outside for hours and watch the leaves as the wind hits them or the rain fall. I love how the smallest things intrigue you. Our life has a whole new meaning now that you are in it and it just keeps getting better! 


Friday, May 24, 2019

Baby Thomas at Four Months

To my baby boy,

How is it that you have been on this earth for just four short months yet it feels like i've known you forever? This month has been so much fun and watching your tiny personality is the cutest thing. You no longer want to lay in bed and be still, you are so squirmy and I love it. 

You started rolling over this month and tummy time has all of a sudden become your new favorite. Changing your diaper is even a challenge since you automatically want to turn over as soon as we put you down. Speaking of diapers, you have graduated to a new size and you now wear a size 2. 

At four months, you are now double your birth weight at 14.8 lbs and you are 26 inches long. You can still squeeze into a few 0-3 month clothes but are now mainly wearing 3-6 months.

Bath time is still your favorite thing in the world, along with morning/afternoon walks. You have discovered your feet and love to grab them any chance that you get. 

Life with you gets better and better every month. Four months have flown by yet I feel like you've always been a part of me. I can't wait for you to grow and do all of the exciting firsts, but I also wish you could stay tiny forever. All I can do for now is be the best mom I can be and soak in every moment. My little Tommy, I am so blessed to be your mommy!


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Baby Thomas at Three Months

To my baby boy,

This month has been the best month together. I've said that about the last two months but it just gets better as time goes by. I never truly realized how fast time flies until now. At three months, I feel like you no longer look like a fresh newborn and have grown the cutest chubby cheeks I have ever seen. I keep saying "where has my baby gone?"

At three months, I am not so sure of your exact weight since there was no required doctor's visit this month but I would guess you're about 13 lbs and 24 inches long. I might be completely off since I'm just guessing. It will be interesting to see your actual weight at next month's check up.

Your dad and I took you on your first road trip to San Antonio and you did so good. We did not know what to expect but you surprised us with your easy going attitude. I love how you still love to wear your sun glasses when we are outside and I hope you don't grow out of this.

At three short months, you have learned to sleep through the night and I am not mad at that! You love to giggle and have become more of a chatter. You also like to drool a lot since you have two little teeth coming in (your fangs to be exact).

Your head control is coming right along and you love to observe everything around you.. you can look around for hours. You're still not a huge fan of tummy time but you are slowly lasting a little longer every time.

Every morning begins with a big smile and laughter and you remind me to slow down a bit, especially during that morning rush. Your sweet spirit amazes me and at such a young age, you have already taught me so much. There is no doubt that everything in life has led me to you, my little Tommy. 



Sunday, March 24, 2019

Baby Thomas at Two Months

To my bay boy,

Here we are at just two months yet I feel like I've known you forever. You have filled a void in my life and in my heart that I didn't realize was so big. You have brought so much joy to our family, more than you will ever know.  

At two months, you now weight 11.6 lbs and you are 23 inches long. You have officially outgrown most of your newborn size clothes and have moved on to the next size. It was such a bittersweet moment when I put that size 0-3 months onesie on you and it actually fit. I am glad that you are growing into a strong baby but sad because it is going way too fast. 

I love how much of a talker you have become. You are extra chatty around 3 a.m. and like to keep me up to talk, but how can I be mad at that.. I think it's the cutest thing. Your dad and I love watching you splash around during bath time, you have really grown to enjoy it. Dad has even appointed an official "bath time station" to listen to while you splash around. 

At just two short months, we have a teething baby in our hands. We are in for a fun ride with this. According to both of your grandmas "diente temprano busca el hermano" which means "an early took seeks a sibling," let's hope that's not true... at least not for a while. You have also realized your hands and fingers are tasty and love to nibble on them. 

That smile of yours melts my heart every time. It makes up for all the lack of sleep and rough times I might have for whatever reason. I don't think it will ever get old. 

These first two months with you have easily been the best ones of my life in so many different ways. I looked forward to this for so long and actually getting to experience life with you is overwhelmingly fulfilling. This love I have for you is a love like no other and I am forever grateful for you, my little Tommy. 



Sunday, February 24, 2019

Baby Thomas at One Month

To my baby boy,

I can't believe how fast your first month has flown by. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was desperately trying to "walk you out" and wondered who you would be. Our first month together has been nothing short of amazing... challenging but oh so amazing! 

At one short month, you now weight 9 lbs. and you are 22 inches long. We keep hearing that you are going to be tall and I wonder if that will be true. Your little dimple and that smile completely melt my heart and I love how happy you always are (unless you're hangry). 

Your dad and I were so worried about how the fur kids would react to you and thankfully they have been great since the moment we walked in with you. They are so protective over you, especially Elaine. I can't wait to watch y'all play together.  

At one month, you're still growing into your own and look different every day, but so many loved ones keep saying you look just like your dad. Some say you're a combination of both of us and a few have even said you look like my dad and brother. Speaking of loved ones, you already have a few nicknames they have given you. Some call you Tommy, Tom, "T" and even Tom Tom. You pay such close attention when we talk to you and I love how you even try to talk back.

This first month has been life changing and surpassed every expectation I had. This kind of love I have for you is beyond words and the best feeling in the world. I am forever grateful for you. There is no doubt that God's timing is perfect... and so are you! 



Friday, December 28, 2018

Counting Down to Baby Thomas

Pregnancy has been the most rewarding and amazing thing I have ever experienced. I always knew that one day I would want children, but finally being able to grown a little one inside of me has surpassed any expectation I ever had. Every day I dream of who he will be. Will he look like his daddy or me? What will he grow up to be? I have no idea who he is but I already love him so, so much. 

I have never prayed as much as I have these last few months. I pray our baby is healthy and not affected by any stress and hurt my heart and mind may feel. I pray that my labor is fast and without complications. I pray that I am a great mother and example for him. I pray that pregnant women never have to go through a pregnancy without feeling completely loved and nurtured. 

I've heard women say "I'm going to miss being pregnant" and I had always found it hard to believe and a bit silly.... well I completely understand it now. I can't believe I am officially three weeks away from my due date. Although I can't wait to hold him in my arms, I am sure going to miss feeling him wiggle inside of me. 

In honor of being 37 weeks and possibly "popping" at any moment now, I am sharing some of our maternity photos Anel from Tender Nest Portraits captured a few weeks ago. Also, enjoy a few fun facts about my pregnancy below. 

How I found out I was pregnant: Mother nature's monthly visit is usually pretty punctual for me. After being a few days late, I decided to pick up a pregnancy test after work. I took the test as soon as I got home and I think it's safe to say we all know what the result was... POSITIVE :)

How I told Eric: I waited three days to spill the news. I still can't believe I was able to keep it from him for so long. I told him the morning of mother's day and he was completely shocked!!!! I gave him a little gift with a note inside and a separate box that had the pregnancy tests. I was actually able to get it all on camera and I can't wait to show Baby Thomas one day.

Best Part of the First Trimester: Hearing our tiny baby's heartbeat for the first time. I never imagined it would be so magical and it made the pregnancy feel even more real. 

Worst Part of the First Trimester: It wasn't terrible at all but I did feel a bit tired at the beginning. I could have probably slept all day if I could but I pushed through and tried to stay as active as my body would allow. I did take naps after work every now and then. I never had morning sickness or nausea and I am so thankful for that!

First Trimester Cravings: I mainly craved my mom's vegetable soup and fresh fruit... especially blueberries. 

Best Part of the Second Trimester: Three things. We found out the sex of our baby and got to share it with loved ones. Eric kept saying he wanted a girl but had a felling "he made a boy" lol. I also regained my energy and started going to the gym again instead of taking naps. One of my favorite parts of this trimester was finally feeling Baby Thomas move.  

Worst Part of the Second Trimester: I loved the second trimester, it was full of excitement. I felt the most like myself and had tons of energy.

Second Trimester Cravings: There wasn't anything specific I craved besides fresh juice... especially orange and carrot juice.

Best Part of the Third Trimester: A few things. Our babymoon/anniversary trip to NYC, our Baby Shower, putting the nursery together and my favorite part- feeling him kick and wiggle inside of me.  

Worst Part of the Third Trimester: Heartburn. Sometimes it's triggered by things I eat but other times I feel like it just comes out of no where. I am also starting to struggle a bit to get comfortable at night. 

Third Trimester Cravings: I am still always in the mood for fresh juice and have gone back to always wanting my mom's veggie soup... nothing too crazy.

We are beyond excited to meet our baby boy and already feel incredibly blessed. He is so loved by so many and we are anxiously waiting for his big arrival. 

Until next time,

Friday, December 21, 2018

It's a... BOY!!!

There is nothing more exciting than finding out the gender of the baby growing inside of you. Eric and I waited until around 20 weeks to find out but it felt line an eternity. I could never be one of those parents who waits until they deliver to find out, I am way too impatient. I still can't believe it... I'm going to be a boy mom!!!

So how did we find out? My sister, Melissa, came to our appointment and was the only one who got to find out that day. They gave her an envelope with the gender and she held on to it until the day of our reveal. She was the mastermind behind most of our gender reveal party but, of coarse, I couldn't help but throw my ideas out there. As much as I love bright colors, I also can't resit all neutrals so I knew I wanted to stick to grays and white when decorating for the party.

My husband and I debated whether to have a gender reveal party. He wanted to find out as soon as possible but I thought it would be fun to do a reveal. After giving it some thought, he decided that if we were going to do it we would have to think "outside the box." We bounced several ideas around and finally came up with the giant baby popping out of the box. We told Melissa (my sister in charge of the big reveal) our idea and she started her planning. 

Get the giant baby costume here.
Melissa finally let us see the envelope the doctor handed her at our ultrasound appointment. 

Days after the reveal, I decided to post our video on my social media accounts for my family and friends to see. Little did we know, it wold soon go viral!!! We never in a million years expected that, it was literally the last thing on our mind and a huge surprise. It was a little crazy and funny to know that a "viral video" out there was actually our video. It will definitely be a cool story to tell our little one once he is older.

Eric and I are so excited to welcome a baby boy into our family. Finding out the gender together with our family and friends was absolutely perfect and a memory I will treasure forever.... How did you reveal your baby's gender?

I leave you with a little video of this special day created by one of my friends, enjoy!

Until next time,