Friday, August 26, 2011

It sure is H-O-T-T!!

Houston, Texas is a beautiful green city filled with great landscaping and awesome parks.

The beautifull green that normally surrounds us has turned brown, dry, and just plain sad. We are currently experiencing a severe drought, plaguing a big portion of Texas!

I am definately used to the Texas heat, but this recent heat wave that we have been experiencing is simply on another level. We are now obligated to preserve water, watering our plants or washing our vehicles only on certain days. A burn ban has been issued until future notice. Violation of both of these is a misdemeanor, carrying a fine of up to $500.

This historic drought has many wondering when the end will come. Our governer, Rick Perry, has called for prayer to end the drought. Besides prayer, there is not much we can do but to hope we receive constant rain soon. Until then, we can only cooperate and hope.