Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Baby Thomas at Three Months

To my baby boy,

This month has been the best month together. I've said that about the last two months but it just gets better as time goes by. I never truly realized how fast time flies until now. At three months, I feel like you no longer look like a fresh newborn and have grown the cutest chubby cheeks I have ever seen. I keep saying "where has my baby gone?"

At three months, I am not so sure of your exact weight since there was no required doctor's visit this month but I would guess you're about 13 lbs and 24 inches long. I might be completely off since I'm just guessing. It will be interesting to see your actual weight at next month's check up.

Your dad and I took you on your first road trip to San Antonio and you did so good. We did not know what to expect but you surprised us with your easy going attitude. I love how you still love to wear your sun glasses when we are outside and I hope you don't grow out of this.

At three short months, you have learned to sleep through the night and I am not mad at that! You love to giggle and have become more of a chatter. You also like to drool a lot since you have two little teeth coming in (your fangs to be exact).

Your head control is coming right along and you love to observe everything around you.. you can look around for hours. You're still not a huge fan of tummy time but you are slowly lasting a little longer every time.

Every morning begins with a big smile and laughter and you remind me to slow down a bit, especially during that morning rush. Your sweet spirit amazes me and at such a young age, you have already taught me so much. There is no doubt that everything in life has led me to you, my little Tommy. 



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