Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Baby Thomas at Six Months

To my baby boy,

And just like that... you are half way to one! This stage you are in has been so much fun. Your little personality brings me so much joy and watching you discover the world is truly incredible. 

I thought you had us on our toes last month but you keep out-doing yourself every month and becoming more and more active. You are already so mobile and i know this is just the beginning! You love to explore and have upgraded from army crawling to the real deal for a few weeks now. There is no stopping you now! 

At six months, you now weight 18.2 lbs and you are 27.5 inches long. You are outgrowing most of your clothes all of a sudden. You have also moved on to size 3 diapers. I am so happy to see you grow and get stronger as the weeks pass but also wish you would slow down. 

You have your first little tooth and although you did put your teething toys to work, you've shown no signs of fussiness and for that I am so thankful. You have also officially started on solids and I love watching you analyze the food I put in front of you. You are still getting the hang of meal time but I am enjoying the process. 

At just six months old, you are finding your own voice and it's the cutest thing ever. I clearly know when you are up in the morning because the first thing you do when you wake up is squeal and chit chat. My favorite is when you "talk" to your toys or when you "read along" with me. 

You experienced your first fireworks show and I think it's safe to say that you loved it. Your eyes literally lit up as you watched the sky. Little Tommy, you have made summertime sweeter than ever! I still wonder what I did to deserve you and will forever be grateful to be your mother. 


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