Thursday, August 20, 2015

Engaged... now what?

In case you haven't noticed... I'm engaged!

I've been rockin' a new left hand sparkler for almost FOUR months now. Time is definitely flying and the clock is ticking. I've been on cloud 9 for these past 16 weeks and have forgotten to start planning a wedding!

I read somewhere that the first thing to do is to set the date. I also read that the number one question we would be asked is "so, when's the big day?" or "do you guys have a date yet?"... that was definitely NO LIE!!! Yes, setting the date is obviously important but we couldn't blindly pick a day without seeing if the venue we wanted was available. This whole planing thing is seriously no joke!! Just kidding, things haven't been complicated at all. 

Dream up your style and pick your location. This was one of the top things suggested by theknot to help kick off the wedding planning. I'm the type of girl that has been planning her wedding ever since she was a little girl, so let's just say this "initial step" was not hard. 

Set your budget, Book a venue (and set your date). These were a bit more difficult. Al though most girls dream of that fairytale wedding, we have to be realistic and smart with those huge purchases. 
Draft a guest list. We both have huge families and a long list of friends. We would love to share our day with all of our loved ones, so this step is a work in progress. 
Chose your wedding party. This was less complicated for Eric and I. We are surrounded by amazing family and friends and, shortly after getting engaged, knew exactly who would stand beside us on our big day.

I know those are just some of the first steps to this whole process and there are many, many other things to do. I have found my husband-to-be, the most important part of wedding planning, so I figured everything else will hopefully fall into place. We are enjoying the process as we go and can't wait for the next few months. 


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  1. Felicidades prima.. Que Dios les de muchos años de felicidad y tambien muchas niñas y niños. lol. TQM.